'Help Feed LA' campaign launches

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From left: Jose Huizar, Frank Tamborello (Director of Hunger Action Los Angeles), and Jessica Jones (Policy and Outreach Supervisor of the L.A. Regional Foodbank.)

Demand continues to rise at food banks, pantries and shelters in Los Angeles. City Councilman Jose Huizar joined leading food providers today in launching the "Help Feed L.A." campaign.

He said a lot of Angelenos want to donate food, but don't know how, and a lot of businesses think donating food creates administrative headaches. "What we're doing today is making it easier for the private sector, saying, 'Hey, look up on our website, call 3-1-1, you will find places that pick up your food, that all you have to do is put it aside and people will go out there, pick it up, and your business will not be hassled.'"

The website he's talking about is HelpFeedLA.org. Huizar is also working on an ordinance that will require L.A. city departments to donate surplus food to organizations that serve people in need.

He visited the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank's warehouse near downtown Los Angeles. The food bank's Outreach Supervisor Jessica Jones said the food bank needs donations now more than ever. "It's absolutely necessary. We're seeing the face of hunger change. We want to make sure that people know about that."

Jessica Jones of the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank spoke with KPCC's Brian Watt. The new campaign's website is HelpFeedLA.org. Angelenos who want to donate food can also call 3-1-1.

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