Senator Boxer casts ballot, takes jabs at Fiorina

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In Riverside this morning, Senator Barbara Boxer cast her ballot in the November general election — one month ahead of schedule. The veteran Democratic lawmaker needs all the votes she can get. With four weeks left to go until the election, polls show Boxer in the tightest race she’s faced since she ran for the Senate the first time 18 years ago

Boxer cast her ballot in front of a phalanx of reporters and news cameras at the County Registrar’s Office in Riverside.

About 1,000 Riverside County residents, including Sen. Boxer, have already cast ballots. The senator reminded people that there’s still time to register to vote.

“Until October 18 and I think that’s very important,” said Boxer.

Civic duty out of the way, Boxer pulled the gloves back on and took a few jabs at her Republican challenger, former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina.

“She wants more deregulation and tax breaks for the very wealthy; the millionaires and billionaires and companies who ship jobs overseas,” said Boxer, referring to Fiorina’s tenure with HP.

“I want to bring those tax breaks to companies who create jobs here at home. And I think it’s very important in light of what happened on Wall Street that we have fair rules of the road. So her policies would get us right back to the policies that caused this deep, dark recession.”

Fiorina isn’t pulling punches either. In a series of new TV ads, she paints Boxer as a tone-deaf bureaucrat and tax-and-spend liberal who is out of touch with everyday working people. She touts her experience running a Fortune 500 company and opposition to tax increases.

Recent polls give Boxer about a six-point edge over Fiorina. Boxer hopes to get another boost next week when President Obama joins her on the on the campaign trail in Los Angeles.

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