More Dead In Afghanistan; Obama On MTV; No Christmas At The Palace

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U.S President Barack Obama and his wife First Lady Michelle Obama arrive on stage during MTV & ServiceNation: Live From The Youth Inaugural Ball at the Hilton Washington on January 20, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama returns to MTV for a town hall meeting on the evening of October 14 to re-engage younger voters.

Four more troops are killed in Afghanistan. President Obama takes to the airwaves on MTV in an effort to reach young voters. The Queen Cancels Christmas.

Four More Killed In Afghanistan

NATO has issued a statement saying four more troops were killed today in Afghanistan, in two separate attacks. Three were killed in a bomb blast in the west of the country, while one more was killed in an insurgent attack in the east. This brings the number of troops killed in the past two days alone to ten. 2010 is the bloodiest year of the 9 year war for Western forces.

Obama Takes To MTV

President Obama has been trying to reach out to the young people who helped him get elected two years ago, encouraging them to vote this November. Traditionally young voters just don't show up on for mid-term elections. Tonight the president will host a town hall meeting on MTV. Polls have indicated a tough year for Democrats and Obama has been holding a series of rallies aimed at increasing turn out for his party.

Queen Cancels Christmas

Queen Elizabeth has canceled the annual Christmas party at Buckingham Palace. A royal spokesman says that given the current economic situation in Britain, it would be inappropriate to throw a lavish bash. But according to the Sun, the royal staff is less than pleased.

"It's the first time in memory the party's been cancelled. We're all devastated as it's a great night when everyone lets their hair down.

"The Royals mix freely with servants - it's normal to see the Queen dancing with a footman or Prince Philip waltzing with a maid.

"The champagne flows like water and you feel your hard work has been appreciated. This won't go down well."

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