UC, CSU student organizers race deadline to register voters

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Voter registration booth at an unidentified California university campus. File photo.

College student organizers are racing the clock today with voter registration blitzes.

Tonight at 8 p.m. is the deadline for potential voters to register in time for the November 2 election.

Yadira Navarro is with the Associated Students at UC Riverside. She’s spent the early afternoon at the campus bell tower where a popular actress joined the effort.

"We actually have Rosario Dawson helping us to register students to vote. We’ve been registering students since late September. We’ve been trying to reach our goal of 2,200 students. So far we’ve registered about 1,700 so, we’re almost there. But really our efforts are just to register the youth and get them out," Navarro said.

Student associations at UC and Cal State campuses statewide have coalesced to register 60,000 students for the midterm election. That would be 20,000 more than the non-partisan campaign produced for the presidential election two years ago.

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