Food truck vendors may get final decision on new grading today

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A customer reads the menu on the 'Pyongyang Express' food truck in Los Angeles.

Mobile food vendors could get final word today that their trucks will have to conform to the same health inspection grading system as restaurants. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to cast its final vote on the pending ordinance.

The L.A. County supervisors tentatively approved the ordinance last week. But Supervisor Don Knabe asked county health officials to prepare a report on how to stop mobile food vendors from parking in front of brick-and-mortar restaurants and competing with those businesses.

L.A. County’s chief health inspector Dr. Jonathan Fielding says his department is also analyzing how much grading food trucks may cost – and whether permit rates should go up as a result.

If the county supervisors give final approval to the grading system, it’ll become law next month. Health officials plan to start rolling it out early next year.

Many food truck owners say restaurant-style inspections will boost customer confidence – and that’ll be good for business.

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