Torrance school board to decide what to do with extra money

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The Torrance Unified School District board will decide tonight what to do with a windfall of possibly several million dollars. There’s money coming, but no one’s sure exactly how much they'll get in the end.

The Torrance Unified School District laid off about 50 teachers this year because of budget cuts. It has bumped up class sizes in recent years. And this year, it planned to cut a few days off the school year to shave even more dollars off the budget.

But now, the district says the recently approved state budget will deliver about 6.5 million additional dollars back to the district, plus several more million in federal funding. That equals about $10 million in all.

So what’s a district to do? That’s what the school board plans to discuss at 7 tonight at the Torrance Unified School District headquarters.

It might not trim days from the school year. There’s also talk about possibly rehiring laid-off teachers during the second half of the year.

One problem is that the state tends to overestimate its revenue. That means the district could get a lot less money than projected at this point.