Moderate turnout at South LA polling place

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Southland voters are casting their ballots this morning in California’s midterm elections.

KPCC’s Corey Moore visited one polling place in South Los Angeles.

At Alta Loma Elementary School, there wasn't a line to get in. Pollworkers say the turnout has been moderate so far. Nowhere near the numbers, of course, that they saw during the presidential election in 2008; they remember a line of voters extended out of the building and down the block.

Early this morning, there were six people casting their votes, with several others trickling in. I spoke to a few voters who said the ink blotting system they used to cast their ballots was pretty simple.

A couple of them had cheat sheets to keep all the propositions straight. Some kept blank those numbers they did not understand.

On average, it took about 15 minutes to vote. Election officials say mail ballots have hit record numbers in Los Angeles County. Some of the workers at the Alta Loma school say they're eager to see how that affects voter turnout overall, but so far this morning, not a lot of voters here at this particular polling place.