California state workers anticipate greater collaboration with new governor Brown

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California Governor-elect Jerry Brown speaks to supporters as he celebrates his win during an election night party at Fox Theatre on November 2, 2010 in Oakland, California. Jerry Brown defeated republican challenger and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.

Governor Schwarzenegger furloughed state workers and ordered their pay cut to minimum wage to negotiate the pay and pension reforms he wanted. Unions that refused are forced to take unpaid days off.

One union that fought hard with Schwarzenegger is the Professional Engineers in California Government. It represents engineers that design and build highway and bridge projects.

Legislative Director Ted Toppin says he expects contract negotiations will be a lot better with the next governor. "The skill of Jerry Brown is that he will work collaboratively," says Toppin. "And this governor never had that capacity. This governor, it was his way or the highway. And that’s not how government’s done. That may be the way it works in Hollywood, but it doesn’t work that way in Sacramento or in state government or in any government."

Toppin says California’s professional engineers anticipate a better working relationship with the future governor of California.

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