LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan laid to rest

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Los Angeles Police and the United States Marine Corp are mourning the loss of one of their own. Officer Joshua Cullins was buried today in Simi Valley. His funeral service at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles in downtown L.A. closed Temple Street during the morning rush hour.

Cullins was on active Marine duty in Afghanistan when he died investigating a roadside bomb two weeks ago. Speaking at his funeral, L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck called Cullins a warrior and a champion.

I don’t mean champion in the sense of a stick and ball sport, or a racetrack. I mean champion in the purest sense of the word. That individual, that knight in blue that goes forward to put himself at risk in order that his brothers and sisters do not have to.

As an L.A.P.D. officer, Cullins patrolled downtown L.A. He’d served on the force three years.

He became a Marine right out of high school and was on active duty 10 years before becoming a police officer.

Outside the funeral Mass at the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels in Downtown LA, fellow LAPD officer Andre Chancey praised Cullins.

“The fact that he served for our country in Afghanistan and he was killed in action, that’s all heroic," said Chancey. "And on top of that he’s a Los Angeles Police Officer. You know, to be cut down in the prime of his life... brothers, mom and dad... he didn’t get an opportunity to have a family as far as kids and wife, it saddens me.”

Cullins who was a bomb specialist, is the second LAPD officer who’s died with the Marines in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

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