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Orange County Republican fights for chairmanship

Next week, Republican leaders will decide who will chair the committees in the House of Representatives. Many are Californians. But one more GOP Congressman from California wants to head his committee.

GOP Congressman Ed Royce is lobbying for chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee.

Political scientist Mark Sandalow, with the University of California’s DC Center, says the congressman from Fullerton isn’t a shoe-in.

He says Royce has some people he has to "jump over" if he’s going to become chair.

"There are other people more senior than him," he said.

But Sandalow says Royce has an advantage.

"Republicans like the idea of putting Californians in charge, though, because there’s nothing better for their national image than to have visible representatives from such a blue state," said Sandalow.

Even if Royce isn’t chosen, California will be well represented among committee chairs.

Golden State House members will head up the Armed Services, Rules, Oversight and Administration Committees – and maybe Appropriations, too.