Cops shred guns, artists to make sculpture

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Corey Moore/KPCC

More than 1,000 weapons were destroyed at SA Recycling in San Pedro. Artists will use the leftovers to build a peace angel sculpture in Los Angeles.

At a recycling plant in San Pedro, Los Angeles County law enforcement officials watched as weapons they’d seized went into a shredder. They say area artists will use the scrap metal from shotguns, pistols and knives to build a peace angel sculpture in LA.

LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck said this is the first time law enforcement agencies have donated potentially lethal raw materials to a non-policing organization.

“It shows what the city and county of Los Angeles are all about," Beck said. "It shows that we take a stand as a community, as artists, as cops, as reporters, as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers ... that we take a stand against gun violence. And it’s important to us that that stand is represented.”

The non-profit Art of Peace Charitable Trust plans the 3 foot peace angel sculpture as part of a larger monument in downtown LA.

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