Patt Morrison: Opposing sides clash in unresolved state AG's race

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Opposing campaigns for California Attorney General candidates Kamala Harris, left, and Steve Cooley clashed on Tuesday, Nov.16, 2010 over the only uncalled statewide race.

Opposing sides in the still unresolved California Attorney General race clashed today on the Patt Morrison show, with each side accusing the other of trying to influence the outcome.

Ace Smith, a campaign strategist for Kamala Harris, who's running against Steve Cooley, accused the Cooley camp of "gumming up the Democratic process" by trying to have legitimate votes thrown out and "disenfranchising the electorate."

“Their actions are undemocratic,” Smith said on Patt Morrison's show today. "We’re making a serious attempt to ask them to stop this.”

Kevin Spillane, Cooley's spokesman, called Smith's remarks “silly, completely divorced from reality,” and “just plain asinine.”

“We couldn’t gum up the works if we wanted too,” Spillane said.

The sabers came out as election workers continue to count ballots two weeks after the state's midterm election, in the only unresolved statewide race.

The latest counts have Harris, a Democrat, leading her opponent, Republican opponent by about 31,000 votes. The race has been a seesawing spectacle as ballots counts continue to roll in, with Harris recently overtaking the lead Cooley held last week.

Los Angeles County is only one of 46 counties with uncounted ballots remaining, but with the most total ballots left to count, it is a proving ground for the rest of the state.

Some 200 ballot counters are working overtime to count the remaining ballots. With 100,000 provisional ballots left to go, they have until Nov. 30 to complete the process, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Efrain Escobedo.

There have been no charges of malfeasance, but LA County officials are doing due diligence to verify signatures.

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