Orange County judge issues temporary restraining order in favor of Anaheim cabs

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Orange County taxi cab companies are looking to stop Disney Resort's plan to make Yellow Cab of Greater Orange County its 'preferred company.'

If you want to catch a cab around the Disneyland resort area in Anaheim, you’ll have your choice of a few companies — at least for now. An Orange County Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday to stop an exclusive deal with one cab company.

The Disney Resort signed a deal with Yellow Cab of Greater Orange County to give that company exclusive access to the resort’s hotels and properties.

Yellow Cab of Greater Orange County would be the Disney Resort's “preferred company." The resort would not call in other cabs unless traffic got really busy.

That’s how it is at the nearby Hilton and Marriott hotels.

The Disney deal was supposed to kick in this week. But the other taxi drivers got mad. They sued.

Now a judge has filed a temporary restraining order to stop Yellow Cab of Greater Orange County from being the only cab company that can pick up passengers at the Disney properties. The judge will hear more on the case next month.

An attorney for A-Taxi — one of the companies involved in the lawsuit — calls this an “anti-trust issue.”

An attorney for Disney says there’s no law against such an exclusive contact in Anaheim. He says the contract would not inflict “irreparable harm” on the other cab companies.

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