Hollywood superhero street performers get OK

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Costumed characters appear in YouTube video promoting their battle to return to Hollywood Boulevard

Batman, Superman and other superheroes have a judge's OK to perform on the streets of Hollywood.

Federal Judge Dean Pregerson issued a preliminary injunction Wednesday that blocks what he calls selective Los Angeles police enforcement that targets Hollywood Boulevard's costumed characters to prevent them from performing and soliciting tips.

The street performers have complained about police harassment. About two dozen characters were arrested in June on various charges, including blocking a public sidewalk.

The Los Angeles Times says police officers have been accused of forcing anyone in costume off Hollywood Boulevard by threatening arrest.

The judge says that although a costumed performance may not be a traditional form of speech, it is a constitutionally protected one.

Wolverine performer Matt Balke says the decision is a victory for the 1st Amendment.

Information from: Los Angeles Times

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