Mayor: police believe publicist shot from vehicle

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File photo: Publicist Ronni Chasen is seen during the premiere of Screen Gems' 'Burlesque' at Grauman's Chinese Theater on November 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

The mayor of Beverly Hills says detectives suspect that a veteran Hollywood publicist was shot from another vehicle, possibly an SUV.

Mayor Jimmy Delshad told the Los Angeles Times and KNBC-TV late Thursday that police believe the shooter fired into Ronni Chasen's passenger-side window from another vehicle and not from the street or a sidewalk.

He says detectives believe the bullets came from an SUV because of the high angle of shots fired.

Delshad said police found some pieces of glass - possibly from Chasen's car window - near the shooting site, but found no bullet casings.

Chasen was shot to death early Tuesday in her Mercedes-Benz while driving home from a premiere after-party for the film "Burlesque."

Police say they have no motive and no suspects.

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