Chairs flung at Los Cerritos mall food court on Black Friday

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Shoppers look for bargains at Toys 'R' Us on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2010, in New York City. The stores, which opened nationwide at 10PM, will remain open for 24 hours for Black Friday.

Retailers around Southern California wasted no time attracting holiday shoppers. Some began their Black Friday sales before Thanksgiving - and many flung open their doors last night and early this morning. And, some called the police a few hours ago to the Los Cerritos Center Mall where some guys were said to be flinging chairs in the food court.

While Black Friday crowds still crowded the mall, you couldn't tell that there had been a fight.

According to witnesses, men came in and may have been wearing black masks. Some heard what sounded like shots being fired, and people ran away to safety. According to the Sheriff's Office, what sounded like shots being fired was actually chairs hitting the floor.

Crowds and the lines were still large, although many stores had opened at midnight, including stores like Gap, Banana Republic and Toys "R" Us. Other stores opened later; Macy's opened at 4 a.m., and they've been seeing plenty of crowds. There was also a line for the Apple Store just to get in.

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