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Congresswoman Maxine Waters eager to bring ethics inquiry to a close

Maxine Waters at a press conference on ethics charges, August 13, 2010
Maxine Waters at a press conference on ethics charges, August 13, 2010
Kitty Felde/KPCC

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants her ethics trial settled in this lame duck session. The Los Angeles Democrat delivered that message Monday morning outside the hearing room where the trial was supposed to begin.

Congresswoman Waters is accused of using her political clout on the powerful Financial Services Committee to help a bank in which her husband owned stock.

The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct abruptly postponed the ethics hearing on the matter after discovering new evidence. But the congresswoman showed up anyway, saying she’s been denied due process and is “eager” for the opportunity to have her day before the adjudicatory subcommittee. She repeated the mantra she told reporters months ago: "No benefit, no improper action, no failure to disclose, no one influenced, no case."

Waters says Republican members of the Committee initially agreed with her request to hold the hearing before the November election. But she says now they've decided to “reverse their course” and join with Democrats to delay the matter. Waters says what she called the “lack of decency and professional decorum would not be accepted in a court of law” – and shouldn’t be accepted by those who write the laws, either.