LAUSD employees protest layoffs outside school board meeting

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Los Angeles Unified School District employees protest outside LAUSD headquarters on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010. Nearly 1,000 LAUSD employees, mostly clerks and custodians, will their jobs Wednesday because of state budget cuts.

Nearly 1,000 Los Angeles Unified School District employees, mostly clerks and custodians, are losing their jobs Wednesday. Many of them staged a protest outside LAUSD headquarters Tuesday evening as school board members met for their regular meeting.

LA Unified’s Board President Monica Garcia, bemoaned the layoffs as she began the meeting. The layoffs are the result of state funding cuts. Outside the meeting, 13-year employee Heraclio Duran protested the layoff of seven custodians at his East LA high school campus.

“It’s going to he crazy,” he said, referring to Wednesday, when two employees are scheduled to show up to clean the 87 classroom campus.

Duran’s union, Teamsters Local 572, and other unions are urging the school district to use federal stimulus funds to avoid layoffs. District administrators say that would only postpone layoffs as the state funding deficit is predicted to grow next year.

The LAUSD sent 4,672 layoff notices a month and a half ago. The district is letting go of 996 of those employees.

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