Surprise! McCourts divorce mediation talks fail; judge declares impasse

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File photo: Jamie McCourt leaves the Los Angeles County Superior Court for lunch with a bodyguard after the start of her non-jury divorce trial on August 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

The Los Angeles judge that handled mediation talks in the Frank and Jamie McCourt divorce has declared an impasse. That means the judge in charge of the divorce trial will have to decide who owns the L.A. Dodgers. The case always seemed to be headed that way.

If one thing became clear in the weeks of testimony during the McCourts' divorce trial, it's that Frank and Jamie can't seem to resolve an argument. The question of who owns the Dodgers is probably the biggest argument of their stormy marriage, so it didn't figure they'd resolve it – and they haven't.

Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman, who supervised mediation talks, declared an impasse after the McCourts failed to accept a proposed settlement he'd set out more than a week ago. The proposal is confidential, but an attorney for Frank McCourt says his client did accept it because it was the “responsible thing to do” for the family, the Dodgers and the fans. There's no comment yet from Jamie McCourt or her attorneys.

Now it's up to Judge Scott Gordon, who's handling the divorce case, to decide which of the McCourts' post-nuptial agreements is valid – the one that says the Dodgers belong to Frank and Jamie, or the one that says the team is Frank's alone. The McCourts signed both, but they can't agree on which is right.

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