GOP looks for ways to save time and money

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The sun rises over the Captiol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 1, 2010. As Republicans get ready to take control of the US House of Representatives in about a month, the GOP transition team is thinking up ways the House can save money.

Republicans take control of the US House of Representatives in about a month. The GOP transition team is mulling over ideas from new members and old to save money and make the House operate more efficiently.

Cost-cutting suggestions are rolling in from GOP House members all over Capitol Hill: stop printing so many copies of bills; renegotiate cell phone contracts so members and staff can share unused minutes across the House; get rid of the recyclable silverware in the House cafeterias and go back to cheaper plastic utensils.

Irvine Republican John Campbell is considering ways to save time — like eliminating House resolutions that honor college teams that win division titles. He says congratulating sports teams "should not be something that takes all 435 of us."

Then there are those votes on naming post offices, such as the Los Angeles branches that honor Ray Charles and Tom Bradley. Cambell says naming of federal buildings has to be done through a Congressional action, but "we would limit those things to one day a month."

Another, more controversial proposal is dubbed “CutGO.” It would require representatives to cut an existing government program if they want to create a new one.

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