Brown calls state budget crisis ‘unprecedented moment of reckoning’

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Adolfo Guzman-Lopez/KPCC

California Governor-elect Jerry Brown begins budget briefing on future education spending at UCLA on Dec. 14, 2010. A spokesman says Brown is putting concrete numbers to the severity of public schools cuts to come.

About 200 people gathered at UCLA Tuesday morning to hear incoming Gov. Jerry Brown detail how California’s poor fiscal state is set to affect public education. It’s going to be bad, Brown told the group made up mostly of school administrators.

“We’re at an unprecedented moment of reckoning, this perfect storm is, I think, the worse that it’s ever been because we’re not quite in the same position,” said Brown. “In the Depression, (the) government played a much smaller role in the life of our community than it does today.”

Brown did not propose specific solutions to the coming budget deficit. He said some of the decision-making should be in the voters’ hands.

Some in attendance believe the forum is laying the groundwork for a tax measure to help close the state’s massive budget deficit.

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