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Xavier Becerra salutes the real 'whips' in DREAM Act fight: the dreamers

Congressman Becerra salutes the
Congressman Becerra salutes the "dreamers"
Kitty Felde/ KPCC

Immigration reformers “dream” faded Saturday when the DREAM Act didn’t muster enough votes to prevent a filibuster. But an LA Congressman saluted the front line troops pushing for passage: the young scholars who call themselves "dreamers."

The DREAM Act would have allowed undocumented college students and members of the armed forces to legally remain in this country. The measure passed the USD House by a wide margin last week, but died in the Senate.

Congressman Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles saluted the “dreamers” – the young men and women who visited Washington, made calls, and fasted to lobby for the measure.

"They have worked day and night," he said. "They have come from all over the country. They look like all of us from America. And most of them are staying in places that aren’t theirs with very little money. And if anything, they have not only learned a civics lesson, but they are teaching us a great civics lesson of what it means to really fight for what you believe in."

The DREAM Act was considered the easiest part of immigration reform to tackle. Given the political shift to the right in the new Congress, it’ll be a challenge to pass any kind of immigration reform.