California nursing homes get grades

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Selecting a nursing home could get a little easier for California families in the New Year. A new state law requires nursing homes to display quality ratings.

The National Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services uses a five-star system to evaluate skilled nursing facilities.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich introduced the motion that’ll require them to display their scores on health inspections, quality of care, fire safety and staffing:

“The staffing includes the number of hours that care is provided to each of the residents, the nursing staff ratio and the staffing assigned based on each patient’s level of care,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich.

Antonovich offered Glendale’s Windsor Manor as a prime example of good work. Marianne Deddo-Smith, 84, says its around-the-clock nursing staff is outstanding.

“I came from the hospital into the health center and then moved into assisted living and then I moved up into independent,” Deddo-Smith said.

SHe moved into her own apartment on this three-acre property.

The state’s new law strictly deals with skilled nursing facilities covered under Medicaid/Medical insurance. Lawmakers say displaying the grades will boost accountability - and will offer low-rated nursing homes incentives to improve their quality of care.

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