Los Angeles expands 'Operation Pothole'

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Los Angeles street services crew members Joyce Robinson and Ralph Jackson repair a pothole on Reno Street

Donning an orange work shirt, Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti helped patch a pothole Tuesday, kicking off "Operation Pothole," a city program for the new year. The recent storms in Los Angeles have created a lot of potholes on the city's streets and roads, some of the worst in a decade, city officials said.

Garcetti said crews from the Bureau of Street Services can usually repair potholes within 24 hours after they are reported. But he said while the city will be stepping up street-repair efforts, the public needs to let crews know where the potholes are.

"Please don't assume that the city will magically know where they all are," Garcetti said. "These men and women, when they're driving around, not only take the calls, they look on the streets and repair as many as they can. But we can't be everywhere at all times. That's where the public comes in. So pick up your phone and let us know where it is."

Garcetti urged residents to call the city's information line at 3-1-1 to report major pothole problems.

Operation Pothole will kick into high gear the weekend of Jan. 8-9. As many as 50 street-repair crews will fan out across the city to repair as many potholes as possible, according to Garcetti's office.

KPCC Wire Services contributed to this report.

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