Pasadena Fire Chief: Dress warmly for Rose Parade; Don't drink alcohol

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There’s much to-do about the weather for this year’s Pasadena Rose Parade. Forecasters aren’t predicting rain for Friday and Saturday, but they are expecting overnight temperatures to dip into the 30s.

Pasadena Fire Chief Dennis Downs says even last year, when it wasn’t as cold, his department responded to a couple of hypothermia calls.

“So we need to make sure that if you’re on the route, you dress warmly," he says. "You make sure you drink lots of fluids, not alcohol. Alcohol will increase your hypothermic conditions and actually make you colder. You won’t realize you’re getting as cold as you are.”

The fire chief says signs of hypothermia are similar to intoxication, including mumbling and stumbling.

Some dos and don’ts along the parade route:


  • Make sure everyone is dressed for cold weather, especially children and seniors

  • Drink plenty of water and eat well to avoid dehydration

  • Come early to get a good seat. You can claim a spot on the sidewalk starting at noon on Dec. 31,


  • Bring tents or sofas, or stand on ladders

  • Light bonfires or fireworks

  • Buy or hand out horns

  • Take your pets, especially if they are frightened by loud noises

  • Drink alcohol

  • Walk in the street during the parade

You can see the rest of the list here.

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