Rose Bowl holds special meaning for college teams

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The first Rose Bowl game was held more than a century ago, a couple of decades before the stadium was even built.

Pasadena City Manager Michael Beck says that history is part of what makes the game so special.

"Even those teams that have been here a number of times, to see the looks on the faces of those players when they come out of that tunnel for the Rose Bowl game, it’s an experience that they share forever because it’s really unique and it’s the Super Bowl of collegiate football," says Beck.

Tomorrow, it will be Texas Christian University and the University of Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

And next year, the Rose Bowl could look a little different for the game.

The stadium is undergoing a $152 million renovation that will widen the tunnels, add back historic hedges around the field and add a 1940s-style scoreboard that’s twice as big as the smaller scoreboards there now.

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