Governor Schwarzenegger sits down for exit interview with Patt Morrison

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KPCC's Patt Morrison interviews outgoing governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is down to his final days in office. Governor-elect Jerry Brown will be sworn in on Monday. The outgoing governor sat down with Los Angeles Times columnist and KPCC host Patt Morrison.

Schwarzenegger says being governor gave him an opportunity to get an up-close look at parts of the state a normal citizen might not see. “I tell you that California became the classroom for me in the last seven years. I thought that I knew a lot, but there’s just so much more to learn. And still there’s so much more to learn, so I think it has been a real interesting journey.”

Schwarzenegger says he does plan to attend Brown’s inauguration on Monday. He says he wants to show his support for the new administration, and also show California that he believes in continuity.

Full L.A. Times interview with Governor Schwarzenegger:

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