Second paramedic says Jackson doc denied giving singer medication

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Dr. Conrad Murray sits near the bailiff as he appears at Los Angeles Superior Court on April 5, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

A second paramedic has testified that Michael Jackson’s doctor denied the entertainer was on medication – despite obvious evidence to the contrary. Los Angeles County prosecutors are laying out their case for involuntary manslaughter at the preliminary hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray.

Paramedic Martin Blount testified that Murray denied he’d given Jackson any drugs.

But Blount said that “didn’t add up.”

He saw bottles of the anesthetic Lidocaine on the floor, a hypodermic needle in Murray’s hand – and a “condom catheter” attached to Jackson.

It’s used to collect an unconscious patient’s urine.

Blount said Murray didn’t mention propofol – the sedative that killed the pop singer.

Blount also said the doctor told him Jackson had stopped breathing a minute or so before paramedics were called.

But Blount said it looked to him like the pop singer had “been down for a little while” – maybe a half-hour.

Blount’s testimony closely matched earlier statements from fellow paramedic Richard Senneff, who thought Jackson might have been dead an hour before he and Blount arrived at the Holmby Hills residence.

Senneff said Murray eventually told him he’d given Jackson an anxiety drug – but said nothing about propofol.

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