Hicksville: Kitschy new resort in Joshua Tree caters to artists and musicians

Mercer 13606

Courtesy Robin Davey and Krissie Gregory

The Fifi trailer features lush purple interior. Hicksville, Joshua Tree, California.

If you are looking for a new destination to visit in 2011, you may want to think about Joshua Tree. Even if you've been to the area before, chances are you haven't seen its latest resort - a place called Hicksville. KPCC's Alex Cohen paid a visit.

Tucked away on a desolate road off the Twentynine Palms highway, Hicksville is not your typical desert resort. There's no hotel or golf course, just seven vintage trailers where you can spend a night or two.

Each trailer has its own theme, and they're eye-popping. Hicksville's proprietor, Morgan Higby Night, set up the outpost as an eco-friendly artists' retreat, with a saltwater pool, low-flow toilets and a recording/film editing studio.

Check out a slideshow of the trailers here:

Photos by Robin Davey and Krissie Gregory. Night photos by Alex Del Solar.

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