LAPD says schools cop took shot to chest, lied about it

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A mother with a handicapped son who’s a freshman at El Camino High School in Woodland Hills is still shaken after a recent officer-involved shooting near campus. Los Angeles police now say Jeff Stenroos lied about getting shot in the chest about a week and a half ago. But on that day, a boy in a wheelchair was among thousands of students and teachers on lockdown into the evening hours.

It was 7 p.m. and dark outside on January 19 before Marjan Farahani says she saw her son, Ali, again.

“He tired," says Farahani. "He get frustrated because he needs to eat. He needs go to bathroom and they can’t go to the bathroom.”

Ali’s aide helped Farahani move the 15-year-old’s blue wheelchair into the back of the family van after school yesterday. She says that when she heard about the school-wide lockdown, she drove straight to the campus to check on her son.

“I was very worried," says Farahani. "My God. I was very scared, because maybe no one can help him.”

L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck says Stenroos’ story raised questions from the start. LAPD officers arrested the 8-year school police veteran this week for filing a false report; later, authorities released him on bail.

“I don’t believe it," says another woman on campus to pick up her freshman son. She declined to give her name. But she paused to say she believes L.A. police are covering something up.

"My hunch is that, ya know, they said they would catch the person," she says, "and since they haven’t caught that person, they have to cover up somehow.”

L.A. schools superintendent Ramon Cortines apologized for Stenroos’ misconduct. He says the district has relieved the officer of his duties and has begun the process of firing him.

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