Paparazzi Photos May Be Evidence Against Lindsay Lohan In Theft Case

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Associated Press: Prosecutors have formally charged actress Lindsay Lohan with felony grand theft.

The Los Angeles Times says it's been told that prosecutors have photos of her wearing what appears to be a necklace taken from a jewelry store. Lohan's attorney says she is innocent.

There's word from the Associated Press in Los Angeles that prosecutors have formally charged actress Lindsay Lohan with felony grand theft in the alleged taking of a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store last month.

That much was expected.

What surprised us at first, until we thought it through a bit, was this interesting development: According to the Los Angeles Times, "store video and paparazzi photos are among the evidence authorities have collected ... sources have told the Times."

We put paparazzi photos in italics because of the somewhat cruel irony of it all — a much-troubled young actress who probably loves and hates the attention she attracts, perhaps finding herself done in by the tabloid photos that have helped make her rich and famous. Apparently, some of the photos show her wearing what might be the missing necklace.

According to the AP, "the 24-year-old actress was charged Wednesday and is due to be arraigned later in the day." Her attorney has said Lohan is innocent.

KTLA-TV has a video report with the images.

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