Malibu delays consideration of new housing construction

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File photo: The Edge of U2 performs on stage at Etihad Stadium on December 1, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.

California officials have delayed a vote that would enable a guitarist from the group U2 to develop five hillside homes in Malibu.

Rock musician The Edge is famous for the glassy, ringing sound of his guitar. His neighbors know him as David Evans – a guy who wants to build five mansions with swimming pools up the mountain behind the Serra Retreat neighborhood.

Evans has been working on this development project for nearly five years. He's encountered local opposition from people who say he's overbuilding the property.

Officials who work at the California Coastal Commission recommended this week that commissioners strike down the project. A staff report concluded that building the homes and an access road to them would destroy habitat and disrupt the vista.

Evans and the other developers he works with have asked for more time to address the problems the report described. Now the commission plans to take another look at the project in April – opponents vow to continue voicing their concerns, but developers say they're confident they'll garner enough support to start building.

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