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Director John Waters brings one-man show 'This Filthy World' to UCLA

John Waters
John Waters
Photo courtesy UCLA Live

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The 83rd Annual Academy Awards is just over a week away. Director John Waters is a member of the Academy and he’ll share his Oscar insights at UCLA’s Royce Hall in an upcoming one-man show called “This Filthy World.”

Waters says "This Filthy World" is his worldview. "I use the word 'filth' because I think the word 'trash' is used up," said Waters. "God knows the word 'camp' is used up. To me, 'filth' has more of an edge, but I think it’s a positive word."

In the show, Waters talks about his childhood in Baltimore and his early experiences as a filmmaker. John Waters told KPCC’s Alex Cohen that he didn’t have the slightest clue about editing when he began to make movies like "Pink Flamingos."

"Those early films, critics said they were raw," said Waters. "What 'raw' meant was 'terrible.'" But Waters believes his early movies worked, despite their amateur appearance.

Waters now has a chance to judge others' movies as a member of the Academy. He says one of the movies that most impressed him during the past year, although it's not up for any Oscars, was the Ryan Reynolds film "Buried." It's about a man who is trying to escape from a coffin, and the whole film takes place in that underground environment.

Waters will perform the show “This Filthy World” at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Wednesday, February 23.

Audio: Listen to an extended interview with John Waters.