LA Labor endorses five candidates for Bell City Council

Organized labor leaders announced Friday their endorsements of five candidates for Bell City Council. Union reps gathered at LA County Federation of Labor headquarters alongside the candidates they’re supporting. Federation chief Maria Elena Durazo said the candidates are already strong leaders in the city of Bell.

“These courageous men and women are standing up to a corrupt government and they are taking the responsibility to change government in the interest of working people," said Durazo. " So they are a small business owner, a truck driver, a teacher, a social service worker and a retired baker and veteran.”

Durazo discussed how union representatives decided which of 17 candidates to endorse.

“We interviewed them, asked them a lot of questions, the viability of their campaign is always an issue. How would they be committed to workers’ issues? How would they fix Bell? How would they conduct their government? So those are all questions that are done not only by one or two unions but by a whole broad sector of unions?" she said.

The five candidates labor leaders are supporting are Violeta Alvarez, Fidencio Joel Gallardo, Danny Harber, Lorenzo Martinez and Ali Saleh.

All five seats on Bell’s City Council are open - three because of vacancies and two in a recall. People in the small city have challenged many of their elected officials in recent months, after reports surfaced about mishandling of public money and inflated salaries.

Voters go to the polls on March 8.