Judge in Jackson doctor trial orders both sides to share evidence... now

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Dr. Conrad Murray sits near the bailiff as he appears at Los Angeles Superior Court on April 5, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

The judge in the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor is angry with prosecutors and defense attorneys. The judge is “extremely distressed” the two sides haven’t handed over important evidence to each other.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys try to keep their cards hidden during a game of legal poker. But there are limits to that – and limits to a judge’s patience.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor’s patience is at its limit. He’s angry that both sides in the Murray case haven’t shared key evidence.

Prosecutors say the defense lawyers won’t say who’s on their witness list; the defense says the prosecution hasn’t provided details about a surveillance video from the Holmby Hills estate where Jackson died. Judge Pastor told both sides to play fair – or pay fines.

He said he doesn’t want to penalize Murray, who could face prison if he’s convicted. But the judge said he’d exclude witnesses if both sides don’t share evidence now; he’s even willing to tell jurors about “tardy discovery” – and that could color their deliberations.

The judge wants everyone back in court on Wednesday so he can see if he’s getting the “dramatically increased” evidence sharing he wants.

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