'Battle: Los Angeles' tops weekend box office

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Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Actor Aaron Eckhart arrives at the premiere of 'Battle : Los Angeles' in Westwood, California on March 8, 2011.

Sony and Disney studios each opened alien invasion movies this weekend. They ended up landing in very different places at the box office.

The sci-fi alien invasion flick "Battle: Los Angeles" blew up the box office, landing on top with $36 million.

But the animated "Mars Needs Moms" was a major dud. The film opened to nearly $7 million. The number is tiny; less than 5 percent of the galactic $150 million it cost to make the film.

It is the lowest grossing Disney movie in six years, despite being aided by 3D surcharges. It finished in fifth place.

In between the two alien films is the Western-themed cartoon "Rango" starring Johnny Depp. It brought in $23 million to finish in second place.

"Red Riding Hood," a live-action take on the classic fairy tale, came in third with $14 million. And Matt Damon's sci-fi thriller "The Adjustment Bureau" brought in nearly $12 million to finish in fourth place.

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