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Seismic upgrade shuts down water treatment plant for San Gabriel Valley

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Water managers are asking people who live in the foothills to conserve water while a treatment plant is out of commission over the next 10 days.

The F.E. Weymouth treatment plant in LaVerne serves more than one-and-a-half million customers in the San Gabriel Valley from La Crescenta to Claremont. It's 70 years old, and the Metropolitan Water District says it needs a seismic upgrade.

So workers are taking it offline. Communities that have backup supplies aren't as worried about running out of water.

Places like Altadena and Walnut that rely more heavily on the treatment plant have set some restrictions. Pasadena has declared a level 4 water supply shortage emergency as a result.

That means it’s limiting consumption to essential uses. The City of Roses will have access to about 60 percent of its normal usage during the next 10 days.

Public parks, playing fields, school grounds, golf course greens and day care centers can still water the grass twice a week. But Pasadena's rules limit all other outdoor watering until March 28.