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Rancho Cucamonga water conference to take on California's problems

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Water experts and local officials plan to meet in Rancho Cucamonga today to talk about what California needs from its water system.

The event's sponsored by the Public Policy Institute of California. That's the think tank that issued recommendations for a sweeping set of reforms for water supply reliability, quality, flood protection and ecosystem health.

A key finding of the report is that dozens of overlapping agencies at the state, regional and local levels manage water in different ways, with different priorities – making for a bureaucratic soup of inefficiency and confusion. One fix the authors suggest is less focus on preserving one species at a time, and more on making sure an entire ecosystem is healthy.

The report also argues for a 30 percent reduction in urban water use, although the authors don't recommend the same restrictions for agriculture.

Cucamonga Valley Water District and the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority are cosponsoring the talks. Orange County and San Bernardino officials who make water policy will take part in the proceedings too.