LA County Metro tests Expo Line light rail

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Corey Moore/KPCC

Metro Line test car just before it's pulled along the tracks starting at 23rd and Flower streets in downtown L.A. It's headed to Culver City.

L.A. County Metro started a test run of its Expo Line light rail at 11 a.m.

The train began its route at 23rd and Flower Street. It's an empty car only going two miles an hour. This is an early preliminary phase.

Metro officials are testing a part of the new Expo Line between downtown and Culver City, which is almost done. Officials say they expect to complete the project late this year or early next. The train will primarily run along Exposition Boulevard.

The train isn't running on its own; another vehicle is pulling it. Some folks stopped and watched.

Officials are testing for clearance issues. They're monitoring the car and its position, taking measurements.

They taped thick foam buffers to the sides of the train to see if it comes in contact with anything along the route. They may decide to move signage, poles and other obstacles, but workers don't expect too many complications.

This test continues for the next couple of days.

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