'Hop' tops weekend box office

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Actor Russell Brand attends the New York premiere of Arthur.

Comic actor Russell Brand scored a one-two punch at the box office.

Comedian Russell Brand is in both top movies at the box office. He is the voice of the easter bunny in “Hop,” the combination animated and live-action movie. It is number one for a second week in a row bringing in about $22 million.

He stars in “Arthur,” the remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore movie. “Arthur” opened second with about $13 million. Exit surveys indicate moviegoers who weren’t born when the original came out like the Brand version better than the over-50 crowd, who likely are comparing it to Moore’s version.

Two drastically different perspectives and stories centering on teenage girls line up next. "Hanna" is a psychological thriller about a girl raised by assassins and secret agents.

“Soul Surfer” is the stirring story of a champion who faced tragedy and fought back. It’s based on the real life story of Bethany Hamilton who had her arm bitten off in a shark attack at age 13 and gets back on her board.

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