Students and faculty at all 23 Cal State schools protest planned cuts

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Protester Rosa Huerta says she can't afford to pay higher tuition costs. But Huerta and other students may be forced to as a result of planned cuts at Cal State Dominquez Hills and other CSU schools.

Students and teachers are demonstrating at all 23 Cal State University campuses today. They’re protesting the state’s potential cuts to public higher education.

Staff and students held a midday rally outside the student union at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Day-long union-organized protests here and at other schools across the state will include marches and teach-ins where faculty members are educating students on ways to get a handle on their finances.

That’s necessary, demonstrators say, because Cal State schools and the University of California system could each see $500 million in cuts – if Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to temporarily increase taxes is unsuccessful.

It means students would ultimately feel the pinch when tuition costs go up, as they’ve seen happen over the past few years. Several weeks ago, students walked out of classes to protest higher fees.

Right now Cal State undergrads, on average, pay $6,000 a year.

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