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Parolee arrested in Newport Beach for stealing over $280,000 from blind, deaf 98-year-old widow

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Authorities have arrested a Vermont parolee whose mother worked as a caretaker for an elderly blind and deaf woman. Newport Beach Police have accused him of stealing a large amount of the widow’s money.

Police arrested John Thomas Windsor two years after his alleged victim died. The homebound 99-year-old, identified only as Edna M., also suffered from dementia. Police say that without her knowledge, Windsor moved into her home and began to use her bank account and credit cards to buy cars and an engagement ring for his girlfriend.

Prosecutors say Windsor also had the widow sign over her power of attorney, and attempted to take out a loan on her home. Her bank became suspicious and contacted Adult Protective Services.

Windsor, who’s 41 years old, was on parole for domestic abuse and fraud. Prosecutors have charged him with burglary, caretaker theft, felony forgery and sentencing enhancements. Prosecutors want bail set at $280,000 – the amount of money they accuse Windsor of stealing from Edna M.