University of California admission easier for out-of-state students

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UCLA remains one of the toughest schools to enter in the cash-strapped public University of California system, which is admitting more out-of-state students who pay more than their in-state classmates.

Data released on Monday suggests that it’s becoming harder to gain freshman admission to the public University of California — unless you live outside the state.

More than 72,000 people received a coveted admission letter for fall enrollment at one of the nine UC campuses. Even though the vast majority of admits are California residents, admission rates for California applicants dropped slightly this year from last.

Odds of getting into the public university system jumped significantly this year for applicants who live outside California or in foreign countries. UC officials said there’s a system-wide effort to increase the number of out-of-state students who pay almost twice as much to attend as their in-state counterparts.

UC Berkeley and UCLA remain the toughest schools to enter. About a quarter of qualified applicants to those campuses got in. UC officials said that amid the dire economy the public university system remains committed to offering admission to qualified Californians - even if it’s to the system’s less popular campuses, such as the new UC Merced.

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