Texas lawyer Tom Schieffer says he’s looking forward to meeting the Dodgers' McCourt

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Tom Schieffer, left, appointed by baseball commissioner Bud Selig to oversee the Los Angeles Dodgers, is trailed by former Dodgers manager Joe Torre, far right rear, as he arrives to talk about his role, in Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 27, 2011.

Minutes after Frank McCourt finished expressing anger and puzzlement over baseball’s move to take control of the Dodgers, the man who’ll now oversee the team met with reporters in Los Angeles.

Texas lawyer Tom Schieffer says he’s looking forward to meeting McCourt. He said he hopes it’ll be “a nice visit.”

The former president of the Texas Rangers was asked what his appointment to be the Dodgers’ overseer will mean to LA baseball fans.

“Well, I hope it will give ‘em some confidence that the instability and the turmoil is coming to an end, and that we’re gonna get to the bottom of whatever it is that the problem is and try to make a positive difference in the Dodgers,” he said during an afternoon press conference at the Westin Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport. “Baseball needs the Dodgers, LA needs the Dodgers – and they need them to be a healthy, viable franchise.”

Schieffer was the president of the Texas Rangers in the 1990s.

It was his first visit to L.A.

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