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Americans get royal wedding fever

Royal wedding watchers at a posh hotel party in Washington, D.C.
Royal wedding watchers at a posh hotel party in Washington, D.C.
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Will and Kate tied the knot this morning in a lavish ceremony in Westminster Abbey. But Americans across the country celebrated in their own way. In a posh hotel in Washington, D.C., fans gathered in their fanciest hats to watch the royal wedding.

Caroline Atkins of Wyoming and Adrianna McCosy of Washington, D.C. were 1-year-olds when Prince Charles married Diana. That one isn’t even a memory. Their royal wedding is this one.

"I think for us," Atkins says, "we grew up in a sense with Prince William."

Does she wish William had chosen her rather than Kate? Atkins says emphatically "No, no! I will say that Kate is the absolute woman for him. And that’s why we’ve also gotten into it because it was a genuine love. And for any marriage, it’s fun to be a part of that. But then for a royal wedding, it’s rarer and harder to find. So it made it that much more special."

But Adrianna McCosy admits she did a bit of dreaming when she was a teenager. "I’m pretty sure I had those thoughts in mind. But now as an adult, I think we can just all look on their wedding and just be happy for them."

Atkins says it all started as a joke, but then she and McCosy found themselves really “getting into” the royal wedding. So they got up at the crack of dawn, put on their best hats, and joined other would-be princesses at the D.C. Ritz Carlton.

Much of the attention was on the wedding dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton. Kriss Ballweg of Wisconsin and Jessica Gregg of San Francisco had mixed reviews.

Ballweg says the details on the dress "were a bit hard to see on the big screen." She says, "I think it’s going to be a lot more beautiful when we actually see pictures of it because there seemed to be a lot of details on the bottom of the dress."

Gregg says Kate looked elegant in the dress, but "I think it’s probably not as extravagant as someone would choose for their own personal wedding and I think the sweetheart neckline underneath looked a little awkward on her just because they were trying to keep her cleavage appropriate and things like that in the church."

The royal wedding brought out the “princess” in a lot of people – including young Olivia Pagano of Alexandria, Virginia. She says her favorite part of the day was “the kiss.” She says it looked like "they were like really looking forward because they couldn’t kiss until that time. And then after they kissed, they kissed again. It looked like they were really happy."