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White supremacists killed at Riverside home

White supremacist Jeff Hall (with bullhorn) at an anti-illegal immigration rally in Riverside.
White supremacist Jeff Hall (with bullhorn) at an anti-illegal immigration rally in Riverside.
Brian Levin/Cal State San Bernardino

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A notorious white supremacist and one-time political candidate from the Inland Empire is dead. Authorities say Jeff Hall was shot and killed Sunday night by one of his sons at the family’s Riverside home.

Investigators haven’t released the boy’s age and haven’t said if the shooting was intentional. They aren’t looking for other suspects.

Hall was a lanky skinhead with a Nazi Iron Cross tattooed on the back of his skull. He led the California chapter of the National Socialist Movement, a group that calls for the deportation of all “non-Whites.”

The 32-year-old plumber led demonstrations at a Riverside synagogue and organized a string of swastika-waving, anti-illegal immigration protests where members were far outnumbered by counter-protestors.

In an interview with KPCC two years ago, Hall claimed his cause was attracting new members.

“People join because they’re tired of the politically correct crowd forcing white guilt on their children in schools,” Hall said. “I’ve never heard any tell me, ‘Yeah, the bad economy. I want to join.’ I never heard that. But I tell you what, we’d be more than happy to fix the economy. You know, Hitler did. And uh, they became a superpower.”

Neighbors told a Riverside newspaper that they felt intimidated by Hall and his neo-Nazi cronies, many of whom dressed up in Nazi garb.

The National Socialist Movement’s public actions in recent months had been limited to purported “border” patrols in California and Arizona. Last year, Hall lost a bid for a seat on a Riverside water board but still earned about 25 percent of the vote.