'Thor' tops weekend box office

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Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount

Chris Hemsworth attends the THOR - Munich photocall at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on April 13, 2011 in Munich, Germany.

Mucho macho ruled the box office again this weekend.

Last week, you may recall, the premier of Universal’s blockbuster “Fast Five” zoomed past all contenders by a wide margin. This weekend, a new blockbuster – “Thor,” about an other-wordly warrior who needs to learn humility – ruled the silver screen, and a lot of IMAXes.

That’s because Paramount offered “Thor” in 3-D, helping it rake in $66 million to take first place. “Fast Five,” even in second place, was impressive, grossing $32.5 million.

“Jumping the Broom,” the romantic comedy about two very different families attending a weekend wedding on Martha’s Vineyard, debuted this weekend and finished in third place, earning $13.7 million for Sony/Tristar. Not far behind in fourth place, was “Something Borrowed,” a film about secrets, the power of friendship and romantic conundrums – it earned $13.2 million for Warner Bros.

Finally, rounding out the top 5 was “Rio,” the animated story of lovebirds Blu and Jewel and their adventures in the romantic Brazilian capitol. It took in $8.2 million.

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