Children’s Hospital Los Angeles honors Bel Air donors who gave $50 million

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Donor Marion Anderson hugs friends and patients at the new Children's Hospital Los Angeles facility named in her and her husband's honor.

Administrators at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles honored a Southland couple who donated millions of dollars to the center’s new medical facility. The institution’s gratitude is etched in stone.

When patients and visitors enter the front doors to the seven-story, 317-bed facility on Sunset, its name – the “Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion” – will be engraved for all to see. The Bel Air philanthropists donated a $50 million gift.

Administrators said they were grateful for that donation. Speaking to friends, patients and staff, Marion Anderson said she’s fortunate that she could give it.

“I am truly overwhelmed and I don’t know that I can hold it together, but bear with me," Anderson said as she choked back tears. "Over the years as I have envisioned the opening of this new hospital, it isn’t the structure itself that I imagined, but what will take place inside its walls. The compassionate care and hope that we give to families.”

Some young patients expressed their gratitude by singing "This Little Light Of Mine." Anderson smiled as the little ones serenaded and hugged her.

As a hospital board trustee for more than two decades, Anderson worked on a campaign that raised more a billion dollars to help build the new addition to Children’s Hospital.

The Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion is scheduled to open in early July.

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