Los Angeles County officials crack down on plastic product thieves who cost businesses millions

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L.A. County Sheriff's detectives say they've confiscated more than a million dollars worth of plastic products stolen from area business.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says it’s cracking down on thieves who collect trademark plastic products from Southland businesses and resell them for profit.

At a warehouse in the City of Industry today, authorities displayed hundreds of products they’ve confiscated over the past several months including pallets, bread trays, soda cases and containers.

Sheriff’s Detective Shelley Jones estimates the value of the stolen property at more than a million dollars.

“This theft is taking place both nationally and internationally with an impact on both businesses and consumers," Jones said. "And remember when the businesses have a loss, more often than not, the consumer is the one that pays for it.”

Jones says thieves sometimes grind up the products and mold the plastic scraps into new material.

Officials have prosecuted some suspects in the ongoing investigation. In San Gabriel Valley alone, the crime has cost several businesses a combined $10 million.

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