Lawsuit filed against Maywood for firing employee who complained of corruption

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File photo: The cement-confined Los Angeles River, right, slides past open industrial lots in the Los Angeles, CA community of Maywood, November, 2000.

Civil rights attorneys filed a lawsuit today against the city of Maywood. The suit accuses city officials of firing an employee who complained about government corruption. The lawyers held a news conference in Pasadena.

David Mango was Maywood's building and planning director. Appearing with his attorneys, Mango said the city manager fired him after he complained to the FBI that some City Council members were misusing public funds.

About two years ago, Mango worked undercover with federal investigators. During that time, he says an engineering firm gave him thousands of dollars, attempting to buy him off to secure new contracts with the city.

After Mango gave Maywood's city manager a heads up about some corruption activities within the city council, he says she fired him weeks later for no reason.

The lawsuit alleges the city violated Mango's freedom of speech and civil rights. The City of Bell is also named in the lawsuit for a period of time Bell took over municipal services for Maywood.

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